Shenyang to Gold Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in August 2005, as the company continues to develop, it has been formed to Shenyang to Gold Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Shenyang Automotive Components Co., Ltd. Bier Na, Mo Lande mold (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. as the core of professional auto parts die, stamping parts assembly and welding assembly parts and development, production and sales of private enterprises.


The company has set up in Shenyang area four production bases, with a total registered capital of 260 million yuan, with total investment of over 600 million yuan, covers an area of ??160,000 square meters, and set up a logistics base in Beijing and Changchun.


Since its inception, we focused on auto parts and mold research and development, production and sales. It has now become a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Brilliance Group, FAW Group, Chery, Dexter Mill, Gestamp as the main customers of automotive stamping, welding assembly parts suppliers. The company has 60 sets of large-scale press equipment, 10 strong punch line, six professional door with wire bonders, 10 sets of welding, coating robot, automatic feed, blanking device, comes with the appropriate kinds of professional machinery 200 sets of equipment. The company has advanced product testing center and coordinate research and development centers, supporting as many as a thousand kinds of products, to meet the various requirements of customers modular supply, has become the Northeast's private automotive stamping industry leading enterprises.

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